The Reason Why Everyone Love Cloud Security

Cloud security protects data on online websites, drives, etc. from hackers. It prevents the data from any sort of deletion or leakage. Cloud security uses firewalls, obfuscation, virtual private networks, penetration testing and prevents the computer from connecting to the public internet. If we have to list the major threats that cloud security protects the data from, those would be; data loss or breach, hijacking of account or profile information, service traffic hijacking, APIs (Insecure Application Program Interfaces), shared technology, and insecure cloud storage providers. In case a system is attacked by any of these, the data could be compromised, the system or service could shut down and the users will not be allowed to access their own accounts or profile information.

Every user who stores information in the cloud storage is concerned about data breach and tries best to keep the information secure. It is quite sensible to store data in the cloud because local servers could be hacked more easily than cloud storage service providers. The security of locally stored data is entirely dependent on the user and the security of the measure used to keep it protected. Cloud service storage providers have highly secure security system, and they also have superior security experts working on the same, as attacks could be of many kinds, and the local protection system cannot save the data from every threat.

The users of cloud must be carefully about a few things before they decide to save all their data on cloud. They have to be careful about their login credentials. They are expected not to carelessly enter the credential from public connections and unsecured connections. There is another great factor why people are discouraged when it comes to cloud storage. The rules and regulations differ from country to country. In case the data is for international use, the security features are going to differ.

The key concern of cloud storage providers is cloud security. The providers need to make sure their customers are fully satisfied with the security as they promise their customers that the private sensitive data is not going to be breached no matter what. Third party audits that are done of the cloud storage provider’s security measures ensures that the data of the customers are untouched and safe.

There are several IT consultant companies and IT companies in Jaipur that actually create storage space and offer cloud storage to customers in India and abroad.

IT consultant companies support the business strategy they work upon. The company’s operating models are effective only if the technology related discussion and decisions are made keeping in mind the requirements of the clients in terms of security.

ZNetLive, Airtel’s Nxtra, are a few good IT companies in Jaipur that offer cloud storage. Security being a high concern, not every storage provider should be trusted. One who invests demands equal outcome, so if the company is being paid for security of data and just to keep data safe and untouched, it becomes the responsibility of the company to accordingly deliver promises.

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