How Will Augmented Reality Be In The Future ?


Augmented Reality(AR) means the increasing of the sound, video, the graphics, GPS data and other such real-world extracted sensory inputs. It is a direct or indirect view of the elements of the real world, which is augmented by computer extracted real-world sensory input. Augmented reality inputs were used for enhancing the experience of gaming only when it was first introduce, now it is used for sharing, educating, communication, and for Information Technology. The process is called augmentation and it is performed with environmental elements in semantic and real-time context. Things like object recognition and computer vision is made interactive and can be manipulated with the help of augmented reality.

Eyemaps, Gadget Flow, Crayola color alive, Housecraft, Euclidian Lands, Measurekit, are some of the best apps run effectively with AR.

How it works?

There are three main ways augmented reality works;

  • 3D models can be attached to normal images known as trackers. With or without the use of trackers, users can place life-size 3D models present in the environment with the help of augmented reality 3D viewers.
  • Users can use contextual information to enrich camera displays with the help of augmented reality browsers. With the help of this one can point their device towards anything they need information about.
  • The best way augmented reality is introduced and experience is through gaming. The experience of gaming is tripled with AR. Pokemon Go can be considered the best example to explain this.

Web development companies and website designing companies like Yeppar – Augmented Reality India, AdYep, Auriga IT, and others design apps and websites using augmented reality. When we talk about web designing and development, we understand it means developing and designing a world wide website, mobile websites or apps that are used depending on the device they are accessed from. The standard way of web development is by using Agile methodologies which is basically designed to respond to changes, collaborated according to the requirement of the customers, a working software, and communication as a fundamental concept.

Companies take into account several security factors into consideration. User’s information such as credit card details, email addresses, passwords, etc. can be compromised incase the developers knowledge of web development is primitive. Talking about designing, skills for producing and maintaining a website is of utmost importance. The companies these days are updated with the latest upgrades in graphic designing, authoring, interface designing, SEO and SMO. The designers are well trained and know everything they need to in terms of marketing and communicating, page layout, PHP, user experience and interaction designing, etc. The companies offering web development and designing services must be able to generate content for static as well as dynamic websites.

Web development companies and web designing companies are based on the following principle:

  • There should be cooperation between the developers and the client
  • Proper face-to-face conversations.
  • A proper software that functions effectively, so that customers are satisfied.
  • Continuous delivery of updated software and required changes.
  • Trustworthy and motivated individuals, working on the projects.
  • Regular, reliable and sustainable development.

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