Mobile Device Management System

Mobile Device Management System

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) app provides a comprehensive solution for managing all your mobile devices in one place. Our easy-to-use app allows you to manage and monitor all your devices from a single dashboard, giving you complete control over your mobile device fleet.

Mobile Device Management System
Mobile Device Management System

Key Benefits of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions help businesses manage the difficulties of managing mobile endpoints across a business. Companies can manage the mobile devices and applications needed to run their business by operating device detection and integration, policy adherence rules, application deployment, and a variety of other features. They can also help secure relevant corporate data running through these devices, allowing businesses to shut off corporate data flow through a device or even remotely lock or wipe the device itself. Here are some key benefits of MDM devices:


Control over all corporate mobile devices


Control over business applications and data on employee mobile devices


Application and safety compatibility from mobile company device to device


Highly scalable business mobile endpoint requirements .


Support data-driven decision-making around a company’s mobile devices

Mobile Device Management System

Our MDM Software Development Services

All your devices are integrated into a single platform under our management of your overall network infrastructure and mobile device management (MDM) initiatives.

Mobile Device Management System
App Management

Blocklist or allowlist apps, set up app catalogues, distribute enterprise apps, and make apps available automatically or through a self-service catalogue in an all-in-one unified platform.

Mobile Device Management System
Data Management

We ensure data compliance and integrity while encrypting all confidential data, enforcing passcodes, and screen locks, separating business and personal uses, and more.

Mobile Device Management System
Zero-Touch Deployment

Employees can utilize their mobile devices immediately thanks to zero-touch, hands-free deployment, which also streamlines the process of deploying devices in bulk.

Mobile Device Management System

Unify all mobile devices into one platform with remote support, data loss prevention, identity & access management, threat defense, native patching & updates, and other capabilities.

Mobile Device Management System
Mobile Security

We program mobile threat defense software to allow users to detect suspicious apps, perform real-time AI-driven risk assessments and implement container policies.

Mobile Device Management System
Inventory Management

Organize complete device inventory by gathering hardware & software configuration information from each device to build specialized reports, configure alerts, and control software licensing.

Common Features of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

Our Mobile Device Management Solutions enable you to monitor, manage and secure your employees' mobile devices used for work. Following are our key offerings for Mobile Device Management:

Device Enrollment
  • Bulk device enrollment for streamlined onboarding.
  • Support for various enrollment methods, like email invitations, QR codes, or Apple's Automated Device Enrollment.
Device Inventory
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of device.
  • Detailed device information like OS version, serial number, model, etc.
Security Controls
  • Remote lock and wipe of devices if it is loss or theft.
  • Remote password reset.
  • Security audits and vulnerability assessments.
  • Encryption and passcode policies.
App Management
  • App installation and distribution.
  • Control on app removal and updates.
  • App settings and configuration.
Location Services
  • Location history and reporting.
  • Real-time tracking and geofencing of device.
Notifications and Alerts
  • Configure notifications and alerts for specific events like non-compliance, security breaches, etc.
  • Email or SMS notifications.
Remote Control and Assistance
  • Ability to remotely control and help users on their devices for troubleshooting.
  • Support for handling a large number of devices as the company grows.
Device Security
  • Remote lock and wipe to secure personal data in case of theft or loss.
  • Mobile antivirus and malware protection.
Lost/Stolen Device Tracking
  • Real-time location tracking to help recover lost or stolen devices.
  • Abilities of Geofencing for alerting users when devices leave specific areas.
Parental Controls
  • Content filtering and blocking inappropriate content.
  • Scheduling and time limits and for device usage.
  • Reporting and Monitoring of device and internet usage for child security
App Management
  • App permissions and privacy controls.
  • App scanning for security threats.
Restore and Backup
  • Easily data restore in case of device issues.
  • Automated backup of device data.
Privacy Protection
  • Protection against fraudulent websites and phishing.
  • Privacy settings guidance and management.
Secure Calls and Messaging
  • Encrypted messaging and voice/video calls for customer privacy.
Security Information
  • Daily updates of educational content and security tips to inform users regarding the best practices and latest threats.
Lost Device Support
  • Support with data recovery and device replacement in case of loss or damage.
Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Assistance for different mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

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