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Nowadays, the carrom game is the most famous in the world, so, in the same way, KPIS Pvt. Ltd has brought carrom game development that is smooth and easy to use, and players can compete with their friends worldwide. Our expert carrom developers are game enthusiasts, and with our latest tools and technologies, we develop the most realistic, user-friendly, multiplayer Carrom board games.

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Carrom Game Development

Carrom Board Game Development Services

By combining unique design, attractive graphics, user-friendly interface, advanced features, and smooth mechanics, KPIS develops the most effective carrom solutions. We have a team of professional and certified developers who deliver end-to-end service for Carrom games.

We have covered everything from planning and launching the game to after-launch updates and maintenance.


KPIS is one of the best game development companies in India. Before development, you must know about the features of the carrom board game.

User Interface

Everywhere look matters,KPIS created the best UI design for a carrom board game.

Game History

You will bring a detailed record of all the games you have played. It will also have details about the amount you won/lost in each game.


The Multiplayer feature allows you to play with friends, family and many more.


Multiple strikers in the store offer various power levels, spin, accuracy, range, etc. The participants can purchase them to enhance their gameplay.

Easy to play

This is the more useful feature in the carrom game because gamers will be addicted when your game is realistic and easy to use.

Complete Lobby View

The lobby is a Carrom game's main screen. It has features such as "play now," "variations," "private table," "settings," and "buddy list," among others.

Play games for real cash

Use your abilities to win at Carrom and receive real money. Instead of just playing Carrom to pass the time, use your skills to get money.

Carrom Tournament

The tournaments will help decide who the ultimate carrom player is and help the users earn more money while keeping the game interesting.

Admin Control Features


Our user-friendly administrator dashboard allows you to track your game's performance against other games, keep an eye on critical metrics, and update your player.

User management

User management feature operates and maintains the activity of all the users. This feature lets you release a user if you feel something suspicious activity.

Payment management

This feature will let you know how numerous coins have been purchased and redeemed by the users.

Leader board management

The leaderboard is a simple way to rank the players by their achievements. Showcase the most skillful and earning players on the leaderboard to inspire others and praise the top players of your game.

Advertisement management

You can control and manage ads as per your requirements. Also, you can use all sorts of ads anytime that you want. This admin feature delivers you complete management of all the in-app advertisements.

Reward point management

This feature will let you know to create a commitment program in your game. The player who uses your game daily will get more bonuses than those who don’t.

Carrom Game Modes

Adding multiple playing modes helps make your Carrom game more exciting, as it will suit most of your users’ preferences. Here are some of the Carrom board game modes we can include in your game.

Carrom Game Development

Player vs Player

Play with thousands of online players. You can play with multiple participants depending on the variety of applications. Allow the computer to match you with another player to play 1-on-1

Carrom Game Development

Player vs Friends/Family

When you are playing with your friends, games become more attractive. Social media integration lets you play Carrom with your friends and family. You can invite your friend or family member to a game of Carrom.

Carrom Game Development

Player vs Computer

You don’t need someone to play Carrom with you. You can play with the computer, and you can use this to improve your skills too. Users can instantly play against the computer’s logic without waiting for matchmaking.

Our Technology & Solution Architecture Scenario

Based on a tangible and superior technology stack with unique third-party combinations and customizations to control your carrom game application stage.

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  • React-Js

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Integration with Third Party Systems

Our modern technology experts are willing to cover server-side and front-end performance.


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S3 bucket

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payment gateway


SMS Gateway


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Our carrom Game Development Services

KPIS offers customers worldwide end-to-end game development services. From conceptualization to implementation, we can run projects of all sizes.

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