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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest-growing innovative technologies globally. As a leading IoT app development company, KPIS helps you to transform your business by delivering real-time management over the IoT network at your workspace. Our customizable and efficient IoT app solutions complete modern businesses' needs in various sectors like healthcare, automobile, energy, manufacturing, retailing, and many more. You can hire IoT developers from KPIS to benefit from the IoT technology. Explore the possibilities of IoT and partner with our company to unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and connectivity in your industry."

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Full-Stack Internet of Things (IoT) Services

  • Sensor Connectivity
  • IoT Cloud Platforms
  • IoT Gateway Development
  • App Security Consulting
  • IoT Support & Implementation
  • Voice Enabled Technology Solutions
  • Connectivity With Wearable Devices
  • Hi-End IoT Solution With Rich Architecture

The Scope of IoT (Internet of Things)
Development Services

Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT Solutions Consulting
  • bullet-icon IoT solution prototyping
  • bullet-icon Select suitable hardware, sensors, GPS tags, RFID tags, RFID antennas, and RFID readers.
  • bullet-icon Planning of automatic collecting, filtering, and analyzing data from smart devices.
  • bullet-icon Data security system planning.
  • bullet-icon IoT solution adoption planning.
  • bullet-icon IoT solution development project planning
IoT Device Network Creation And Management
  • bullet-icon Selection of suitable IoT devices.
  • bullet-icon Set up IoT devices and connect them to the network.
  • bullet-icon IoT devices monitoring and diagnostics.
Edge Computing Setup
  • bullet-icon Creating an edge infrastructure consisting of several servers placed across a network.
  • bullet-icon Grouping IoT devices through an edge device.
  • bullet-icon Setting up advanced analytics and reporting tools.
Data Centre Implementation
  • bullet-icon Designing and creating data processing conditions for IoT data.
  • bullet-icon Building machine learning and data algorithms to determine data patterns that help to solve problems in IoT-based tools conditions, operations, etc.
Development Of IoT Data Visualization Apps
  • bullet-icon Variousness of web and mobile apps to help IoT visualize data insights, including VR/AR apps.
  • bullet-icon Multiple visualization techniques
  • bullet-icon Customize reports and dashboards on IoT data for various user roles.
  • bullet-icon Customizable visualization of IoT data.
Development Of Remote Control Apps
  • bullet-icon Design of rule-based and machine-learning-based remote control apps (web and mobile).
  • bullet-icon Design and integration of IoT devices by remote control app.
QA & Testing
  • bullet-icon Required a complete validation of the IoT solution and its architecture.
  • bullet-icon Well-structured and well-documented code, frequent code reviews, and team testing.
  • bullet-icon Testing automation to enhance test range and stop reversal errors in the IoT solution.
IoT App Management And Support
  • bullet-icon Recognizing and improving data quality and IoT application availability.
  • bullet-icon Assess and address network, server, database, and application vulnerabilities.
  • bullet-icon IoT infrastructure compliance review.
  • bullet-icon Adding new functionality to IoT apps.

How Does IoT (Internet of Things) Work?
Technology that Connects Humans

Connected devices are now far more than customer products for smart homes. Although increasing user adoption is a good sign for the Internet of Things, what's equally exciting is how it impacts companies across industries.

Nowadays, IoT mobile app development has become popular for the many benefits it offers. Learn more about IoT development, applications, and services from us.

IoT Maintenance Services

Result-Oriented IoT Development Services for All Industries

Beat your opponents with a feature-rich IoT-based application and improve your business ROI 2x times faster. We offer IoT solutions to clients associated with various industries. We have contributed to scaling up small, medium, and large-scale businesses' productivity for many years.

Retail Industry

Deliver connected retail experiences with retail IoT solutions by KPIS. We develop IoT applications for retail companies that help analyze customer behaviour, provide a better in-store shopping experience and boost revenue.

  • icon-img Better Inventory Traceability
  • icon-img Customer Experience
  • icon-img Personalization
  • icon-img Innovating In-store Experiences
  • icon-img Supply Chain Optimization
  • icon-img Indoor Geolocation Mapping

Logistic Industry

We develop IoT-enabled applications that allow on-demand fleet management to increase efficiency and business transparency for the Logistics industry. Sensors can deliver vital data from the vehicles that can help to control their way, optimize routes, and make data-driven decisions.

  • icon-img Route Optimization
  • icon-img Security, surveillance, and safety
  • icon-img Real-time Monitoring
  • icon-img Vehicle Health
  • icon-img Fleet management

Food and Beverage Industry

Our IoT development services help monitor the stages of food production and the state of food products, provide real-time information, and take necessary steps to reduce food waste.

  • icon-img Betterment of Food Safety
  • icon-img Distinct Supply Chain Process
  • icon-img Efficient Logistics Performance
  • icon-img Saving Energy Consumption

Healthcare IoT Solutions

Our IoT application development services in the healthcare industry allow remote Monitoring, provide more suitable patient care, and capture patients intestines via IoT devices.

  • icon-img Simultaneous Reporting and Monitoring
  • icon-img Data Assortment and Analysis
  • icon-img Tracking and Alerts

Manufacturing Industry

Our IoT-based applications in the manufacturing industry reduce production flow, automatically monitor development cycles, and manage warehouses and inventories.

  • icon-img Packaging Optimization
  • icon-img Quality Control
  • icon-img Production Flow Monitoring

Agriculture Industry

We build IoT systems for monitoring crops and field conditions in real-time.

  • icon-img Monitoring of Climate Conditions
  • icon-img Greenhouse Automation
  • icon-img Crop Management

Construction Industry

As IoT in the construction industry becomes more vast, it significantly affects how it depends. Applications of IoT in Construction:.

  • icon-img Sensors
  • icon-img Maintenance System
  • icon-img Real-time Site Map

Smart Home & Workplace Industry

We provide IoT development services for smart homes & workplaces that directly transform our lifestyles.

  • icon-img Controlling home access
  • icon-img Managing home appliance
  • icon-img Measuring home conditions
  • python
  • C
  • C++
  • QTC++
  • Lua
Internet of Things (IoT)

Why Choose KPIS for IoT Development?

With our IoT development team, we provide smart IoT app solutions that work seamlessly with existing hardware. We are the best IoT development company. We provide affordable IoT solutions that suit your requirements and objectives. We follow an agile process and never compromise on client pleasure.

  • Dedicated IoT App Developers
  • Reliable & Cost-Effective
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • On Time Delivery


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