NodeJS Development Company

KPIS, a trustworthy NodeJS Development Company that provide end-to-end service ranging from application development to NodeJS migration, support & maintenance, and consulting service. We assure top-notch scalability, stability, and reliability in every way for your business. Building NodeJS applications that need asynchronous programming, scalable and high performance like chatting, IoT data processing and collaboration tools is what we do best. We offer NodeJS development services to real-time and highly-scalable web apps, consistently providing progressive solutions according to the requirement of clients.

NodeJS Development Company

Result-oriented NodeJS Development Services

As a top-notch NodeJS development company, KPIS has years of experience and deep knowledge in delivering business-oriented applications and customer-centric software solutions.

Web Application Development

Node.js can be utilized to build speedy and high-scalable web applications. Our skilled developers can make interactive as well as real-time applications by the help of some technologies like Express.js for middleware and routing.

API Development

Node.js is usually utilized for building RESTful APIs and microservices. It includes designing and developing APIs that offer as the main support of your application, permitting various components to interact and communicate.

Real-time Applications

Node.js is well-suited for making real-time applications like online gaming, collaborative tools, and chat applications,. The Node.js event-driven nature allows for effective handling of simultaneous connections.

NodeJS CMS Development

We create NodeJS CMS (Content Management Systems) Development with a many impressive features and it helps you to built enchanting commercial websites.

NodeJS Migration

Our skilled developers have migrated many complex applications developed on various platforms to NodeJS and successfully increased scalability, different performance metrics and customer experience.

NodeJS Plugin Development

With our great experience in making a variety of world-class plugin and API integration, we provide to a huge range of small and large scaled business for their application development and improvement.

Performance Optimization

Node.js applications can be optimized for scalability and performance. Developers can find and locate bottlenecks, implement caching strategies, and modify code efficiency.


Features Of Node Js Development

NodeJS have wide range of features that make it a popular option for creating effective and scalable applications. Here are some of NodeJS key features:

Non-blocking, Asynchronous I/O

NodeJS is designed around an event-driven, non-blocking architecture. This permit it to manage a huge number of concurrent connections effectively, making it perfect for real-time applications and APIs.

Single-threaded, Event Loop

NodeJS utilizes a single-threaded event loop to manage various requests asynchronously. This event loop effectively handles I/O operations, minimizing the overhead of building and controlling threads.

NPM (Node Package Manager)

Our developers have access to an large base of frameworks, modules, and tools to help in app development. This provide them plenty of chances to work efficiently, write progressive code, and decrease the entire development's cost.


It has a strong security ecosystem with libraries and practices for securing applications against common vulnerabilities.

Cross-platform Compatibility

NodeJS is interoperable and can be utilized on MAC, Windows, and Linux operating system.


Node.js offers highly scalable web services due to asynchronous processing and event-driven.

NodeJS Tools and Technologies We Use


Node.js itself is the foundational technology for server-side JavaScript development. It permits you to implement JavaScript code on the server, enabling you to create high-performance and scalable applications.

npm (Node Package Manager)

For Node.js, npm is the default package manager. It permits developers to install, handle, and share packages (modules and libraries) utilized in their applications.


A popular NoSQL database that is often utilized with Node.js for its scalability and flexibility, making it appropriate for applications with quick changing data structures.


Express.js is a popular and fast web application framework for Node.js. It offers a flexible and minimal set of tools and features that permit you to create web applications and APIs efficiently and quickly. It is commonly used for routing, flexibility, static file serving, middleware, HTTP utility methods, scalability, real-time communication, and documentation and community. It gives a simple structure for building modular and scalable applications.


Jest is a popular testing framework and broadly utilized for writing integration tests, unit tests, and end-to-end tests to assure the reliability and correctness of your Node.js code. It gives a straightforward setup process that involves features like automatic mocking and code coverage.

MongoDB Compass

MongoDB Compass is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool given by MongoDB for interacting with MongoDB databases. While MongoDB Compass is not directly bound to Node.js development, it can be a assistive tool for developers working with MongoDB databases in their Node.js applications. It can be useful in data exploration, schema visulaization, GeoSpatial data, index management, query builder, and database intreatction.

Process We Follow

Requirement Gathering

Make a documentation for better understanding and clarity from both sides.

Wireframes, Mockups, & Designs

We assist our clients to make an interactive and wonder to watch UI designs that describes user-friendly flow of app/platform/web.

Prototype Demo

After approvals and finalizing design, we give a demo or protoype to have a look of the web/platform/app to our clients.

Changes & Confirmation

Clients can feel free to add or mention the required changes according to their expectations.


We also assist our clients for promoting their products or businesses with giving complimentary SEO services.


We are open to help our clients with final testing, final deployment, and training of the source code and launching in client's platform.


After client approval, we start the development with the top-notch technologies and deliver you result in the time frame as committed by our technical team.

Why Choose KPIS for Node Js Development?

Our Node JS development company is renowned for providing fully-dedicated Node JS programmers based on your requirements. Hire Node JS developers from KPIS to meet requirement of your business.

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