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KPIS is a leading digital solutions provider with a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals. We offer unparalleled and robust web development solutions to our clients with our competence in this programming language and its frameworks. We have excelled in a noted expertise in developing high-performance, database-driven, and dynamic PHP solutions that are conducive to the business's development.


An End-to-end PHP Development Services For Building Reliable and Scalable Web Applications

With skillfulness in highly trusty web development technology - PHP, our skilled and qualified PHP web developers can help you develop powerful web solutions.

Web Application Development

As your customers need and deserve a intuitive, quick, feature-rich experience, you require a PHP development partner you can reliance. With the help of top PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, we provide full-spectrum development services for innovation solutions, considering enterprise CMS (Drupal, WordPress), custom apps and websites, and engaging digital experience platforms.

CMS (Content Management Systems) Development

We build strong PHP-based back-ends with tailor-made content management abilities. Either a service, product, or any other module, our team knows how to make them update dynamically on the website. We use latest PHP-based CMS platforms like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

E-Commerce Development

Ecommerce development is our core competency where we build attractive, highly-innovative, competent, and user-friendly e-commerce websites with easy to use interface, magnificent UI/UX design, which provide impressive user experience to the visitors.Our developers can integrate shopping carts, payment gateways, and product catalogs to ease smooth online shopping experiences.

PHP API Development

Building secure and robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to assist communication between external services and web applications.

Custom Web Portals

Our developers are well-experienced and expertise in making business-specific web portals using PHP like B2B portals, B2C portals, corporate, and enterprise portals. We are a trustworthy website development company that complete all requirement of the clients.

Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to assure the security and smooth functioning of your PHP-based applications or websites. Once the delivery is done, we are not done. We will be there for our clients at any time they have problems with the portal or website.

PHP Frameworks We Use

As an experienced PHP development company, we have dedicated PHP developers for all the latest frameworks to assure advanced sites taking into the specific business requirements.


CodeIgniter is a straightforward and lightweight PHP framework, perfect for small to medium-sized projects. It needs minimum configuration and has a small footprint, making it easy to learn and deploy.


Laravel is an elegant and feature-rich PHP framework known for their modern and expressive syntax development practices. It gives tools for routing, authentication, Blade templating, ORM (Eloquent), and more. Laravel is excellent for building large-scale applications. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern.


CakePHP is a straightforward and user-friendly PHP framework with a built-in scaffolding, ORM, and form validation features, making development fast and effective.


Model-View-Controller (MVC)

We uses Model-View-Controller which is broadly used architectural patterns in PHP development. With MVC, we can manage the code organized and separate concerns, making applications highly-scalable and maintainable. For PHP Development, the MVC architecture is usually implemented as follows:

  • The Model shows the business logic and application's data. It is liable for interacting with the processing data, database, and performing business operations.
  • In PHP, the Model belong to classes that control database queries, define data structures, and encapsulate business rules.
  • The View shows the presentation layer of the application. It is liable for displaying data to the users and collecting user input.
  • In PHP, the View is often executed using templates or view files that involves HTML mixed with placeholders for dynamic data. PHP code embedded inside these templates can show data fetched from the Model.
  • The Controller acts as an mediator between the View and the Model. It gets user requests, processes them, interacts with the Model to perform actions or fetch data, and then chooses the proper View to render the response.
  • In PHP, the Controller is executed as PHP classes that manage various actions or routes within the application. Each action method in the Controller corresponds to a particular URL route.


XAMPP is one of the widely used cross-platform web servers, which helps our developers to build and test their programs on a local webserver. It is usually utilized for PHP development on Linux, Windows, and macOS. XAMPP stands for:


X (cross platform)

It works on various operating systems.


A (Apache)

It is a web server software.



The database management system.



The server-side scripting language.


P (Perl)

A programming language, although PHP is most used.

Key Features of PHP Development Services

Open-source and Cost-effective

PHP is an open-source language and easy to use. It has a huge amount of documentation available. This makes it the most cost-effective manner to create trusty websites and take over space online without considering legal restriction and subscription fees. PHP decreases entry obstruction for new website developers through PHP development services, enabling them to use their coding skills and expert to get initiated efficiently.

Developer Community

Open-source framework's benefit of PHP is that a huge and developing group of developers and skilled expertise eager to assist beginners use the language actively addresses the latest problems facing the developer community. The popularity of the language and, therefore, the availability of developers means businesses get competitory pricing.


PHP gives more ability and scalability to distribute workloads over multiple servers, permitting for more user requests to be controlled by horizontal scalability.


Our team is engaged to giving safe and secure solutions and significant results with PHP. Sustaining and frequently updating the application is important to assure the best safety or security.


We will execute all the possible optimizations to make your app and website fast-loading for a better user experience.

Our PHP Development Process

Before starting our project in PHP, we follow several steps to ensure efficient and successful development process:


Project Discovery and Requirement Gathering


Planning of Project


Designing & Wireframing




Testing & Quality Assurance




Client Training & Handover


Ongoing Maintenance

Why Choose KPIS for PHP Development Services?

KPIS is an award-winning web development company with years of experience in the industry providing PHP development services. We have a blend of dedicated and professional PHP developers in our team, who deliver robust and high quality based PHP web development solutions. We utilize an agile development method that gives us with a foster creativity, dynamic environment for PHP development, and bring excellence in both short and long term projects. We not only deliver the project on time but we also assure that our PHP solutions meet the clients expectations.