Restaurant Mobile App Development (USA Gardens)

The restaurant mobile app allows customers to book lunch/dine-in reservations at their favorite restaurants or order food from nearby restaurants within a few minutes. It is a comfortable and impassive way for restaurants to cater to the needs of their current clients as well as attract new consumers. Join us on a journey via the engaging world of the Food Delivery App, where comfort, preference, and delicious pleasure blend in the palm of your hand.


Client Requirements

The client was very confident in expanding the restaurant business with the help of a restaurant mobile application. From both technical and business viewpoints, the requirements were obvious. They required the best solution for their restaurant business. Considering business growth and development, the primary requirement was to:

  • Need an easy-to-use UI so that users can order food effortlessly.
  • Users can customize their food indigents from the mobile app itself.
  • Users can also add promo codes to gain a discount on the final billing amount.
  • Users can pick their preferred payment mode, such as card, digital wallet, or cash.
  • Users can also leave particular instructions for chefs or restaurants that users want them to follow.

About App

The client is primarily in the food and essentials delivery industry. Restaurant mobile app is a remarkably suitable solution to reach out to their consumers, display their menus, and at the same time interact with their existing consumers.

USA Gardens restaurant app is the On-Demand Food Delivery solution for satisfying desires and achieving essential needs. The medium empowers customers to effortlessly discover and order their favorite dishes and necessary food, allowing them to relax. The app is available for Android as well as for iOS.


During the project development and design, the project background, technology control, and time limitations were the primary challenges. With its rapid development process, the client was looking for a robust solution that would allow them to do the following:

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Provide system-wide reporting

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Effortlessly operate multiple locations

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Track inventory better to decrease waste.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Develop software to accept online orders.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Develop a way to reduce employee errors in order-taking.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Use customer data to develop effective marketing campaigns.

Revolutionize your restaurant works with our cutting-edge on-demand food delivery software, delivering seamless integration and effortless management for all your demands. See how we revolutionized the food delivery industry with our creative food delivery app, providing a seamless user experience and driving exceptional growth for your business.

Restaurant Mobile App Development


The client desired a SaaS-based food delivery solution with a vital delivery service. We customized our food delivery solution and made it a multi-vendor solution to help our clients with the comfort of delivery via a single dashboard.

Restaurant Mobile App Development
Super Admin Panel
  • Dashboard
  • Provide Promo Code
  • Content Management
  • Location Management
  • Category Management
  • Manage Add, Edit, Delete
  • Backup & Storage Database
  • Message To Customer/ Restaurant
  • Approve or Reject Delivery Boy Request
Restaurant Mobile App Development
Restaurant Panel
  • Dashboard
  • Coupon Code Generation
  • Social Media Management
  • Multi-Language Accessibility
  • Various Payment Methods
  • Timing Management
  • Delivery Area Management
  • Customer Messaging
  • Auto Sort Email
Restaurant Mobile App Development
Customer App
  • Social media login
  • Profile management
  • Restaurant Options
  • Restaurant menu
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple payment options
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Takeaway or re-order
  • Order tracking
  • Coupon management
Restaurant Mobile App Development
    Delivery Boy App
  • Register and login
  • Profile management
  • Receive details of customer
  • Manage order
  • Availability Settings
  • Order history
  • Payment history
  • Delivery information
  • Call to Customers
  • Geo-Location
  • Realtime tracking

The Benefits:

KPIS' Restaurant app allows the client to automate and manage their complete ordering process. This system delivers excellent time-saving features and functionality. With this system, the client brings the following benefits:

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Organizational expenses decreased.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Faster processing of Orders Achieved.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Customers billed significantly quicker.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Business development of over 40-50%.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Effectual online ordering system development.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Enhanced order tracking, improving delivery speed.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Optimization of the order process, leading to improved customer pleasure.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

Technology Stacks

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.

Restaurant Mobile App Development
Restaurant Mobile App Development
Restaurant Mobile App Development
Restaurant Mobile App Development
Restaurant Mobile App Development

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